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Reigned Wedding [Mature]

Reigned Wedding [Mature]

Alternative: 군림당하는 결혼

Read Reigned Wedding [Mature]

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Warning, the series titled "Reigned Wedding [Mature]" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.

Read Reigned Wedding [Mature]

Reigned Wedding

Synopsis: "Strip." This marriage was business. It was not a combination of Cha Kang-hyuk and Yoo Eun-Seo, but a combination of Samwoo Shipbuilding and Yuseong Heavy Industries. There was no erotic desire for an arranged marriage for the sake of the soul. But one day... My husband, who was only cold, turned into a beast. “I didn’t know you were such a lewd woman. If you need a man, tell me sooner rather than later. I would have been happy to embrace you.” The ingrained voice, cracked by excitement, contained a strong desire for Eunseo. A destructive and wild desire to have her wildly, roughly, and violently.

Chapter 10 - 100
Publication 2022
Serialization Comic Gardo
Author Milieom/ 미리엄
Artist Red peach studio


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