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The Lady's Remorse (Mature)

The Lady's Remorse (Mature)

Alternatives: Not Knowing The Betrayal Day / 그날의 배신을 알지 못하여 / ทรยศรักหักพิศวาส

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Warning, the series titled "The Lady's Remorse (Mature) " may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.

Read The Lady's Remorse (Mature)

The Lady's Remorse (Mature)

Synopsis: Tessa a wife's betrayal her husband and the covenant of marriage due to a hasty stupid decision. When you think that the only way to survive is to become the second wife of an old noble.

After I sold the most precious thing with my own hands, In exchange for this betrayal, the only price given was the position of a noble’s second wife and cruel abuse.

And seven years had passed.
“Long time no see, Tessa.”

Hert, who she thought had died, returned, And He became a decent man.

“Do you long for your husband?”
Hert took turns looking at Tessa and the portrait of the old lord he had just seen.

“What if I killed that bastard?”
Tessa sucked in her breath at the terrifyingly cold voice.

Chapter 10 - 100
Publication 2022
Serialization Comic Gardo
Author 꿀물
Artist Gouache


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