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Beast’s Flower {Official}

Beast’s Flower {Official}

Alternative: 짐승의 꽃 || 野兽之花 ||The Flower of the Beast

Read Beast’s Flower {Official}

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Read Beast’s Flower {Official}

Beast’s Flower, 짐승의 꽃

Synopsis: Beware the witch in the forest for she may curse you with her stench! So everyone says about Lyla, who was abandoned by her family and cast away to a cabin deep in the woods for being born with a putrid odor. Though she’s spent her entire life alone, everything changes the night Viorst comes knocking at her door. When asked why he isn’t disgusted by her, he claims it’s because he lacks the ability to smell. Little does Lyla know that her new visitor is actually a hungry beast that was lured in by her absolutely irresistible scent...

Chapter 10 - 100
Publication 2023
Serialization Comic Gardo
Author HWANG Do-Tol
Artist Charles


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