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Taming the Corrupted

Taming the Corrupted

Alternatives: 흑화한 노예남을 길들였다 / 驯服黑化的野兽 / Tamed a Blackened Enslaved Man / Tamed a Blackened Slave Man / Taming the Corrupted

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Warning, the series titled "Taming the Corrupted" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.

Read Taming the Corrupted

Taming the Corrupted

synopsis: After getting killed by her cheating, manipulative fiancé, Aren Serkia awakens in her bed on her birthday four years in the past. To avoid her horrible fate, she decides to tame the only man in the empire strong enough to stand up to her bastard of an ex-fiancé, the man who would become the greatest swordsman and aid to the Crown Prince; Kassidin. She rescues him from a slave gladiator arena and adopts him into her family as her younger brother, treating him kinder than anyone else has before. Her plan is to have this exceptional younger brother protect her and her family, and send him to the war in place of her aging father. “I never thought of you as family from the moment I first saw you.” “My dear sister,” his sharp eyes were filled with possessive desires. It was a beast that she brought home to be her younger brother.

Chapter 10 - 100
Publication 2023
Serialization Comic Gardo
Author Purple village
Artist Lico


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